Wealth is something obtainable for any one like you and me.
Obtaining wealth should be everyone's reality.

A Journey to Wealth

Below are a list of services that we offer that can help you get to your destination.

Wealth Building Services

Initial Credit Consultation Assessment

One on one Q&A with credit consultant about specific credit questions, 15 minutes

Inquiry Disputes

Dispute and monitoring progress towards resolution next steps. The process of an attempt to remove inaccurate items from credit report.


Combine loans, high interest credit cards, or other debt to one monthly reasonable payment.  

Ongoing Credit Consultation & Education

One on one analyzing assessment,  goal planning, continuous acceleration, and follow up on outcomes, up to 1  session/ month.

Financial Literacy Training

Services include education on budgets, income statements, bookkeeping, credit, and financial planning.

Smart Credit Programs 

Program that educates individuals on credit and wealth. Members have the opportunity to get advanced financial literacy education and qualify for the child care voucher.

Business Acceleration

Education on d resources on how to accelerate your business to the next level!

Wealth Building Service Fees


Included in Membership

Disputes w/ Credit Bureau

Included in Membership


$50.00/ account


$50.00/ account

Payment Management

$50.00/ account
5% bill payment

SMART Credit Program

Included in Membership