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Non-profit Public Charity

Wealth Building (Credit Repair)
Community Engagement
Assessment/ Research
Mental Health Counseling

Welcome to the WIllenium Family

Wilford and Nakristia Pitts founded Willenium Enterprise Foundation, Incorporated with a passion to help the city of Louisville strive for greatness. As one of the largest city's in America we want to enhance the positives that are happening and eliminate the negative.

Most Recent Events

Willenium's Youth Impact Programended on Saturday August 5th at South Louisville Community Center. We enjoyed every bit of the time we spent with youth throughout the summer and will soon announce more upcoming events!

We served over 430 youth through our WYIP summer program!

Shoot Balls NOT Guns - Jan 2023

Past Event

This is a free event to promote youth violence prevention. We plan to continue this event throughout the year. I have partnered with most of the community centers and will be hosting an event at each center so stay connected to find out upcoming dates!!!

Shoot Balls NOT Guns 1.31.23

Hear for yourself...


 To provide expungement and credit repair services to families while linking them to sustainable career opportunities,  education, and childcare assistance.


Our vision is to lessen neighborhood tensions and make living a productive lifestyle a reality.

Members Expectations

Our purpose it to assist and educate Kentuckian's about the positive outcomes of removing negative items from their criminal and credit record.

Becoming a law abiding citizen

Obtaining voting rights

Advancing in new or current career opportunities

Creating wealth for your family now and generations to come

Reducing stress and obtain better overall mental health

Eliminating the need to engage in criminal activities


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