Seeking More Partnerships

At this time we are still making partnerships with big and small companies throughout the Metro Louisville and seven counties service region.

Seeking Career Partners

Entry - Advanced Level Employers

We are looking for big and small businesses that provide on job training and no experience required. If you would like to partner with us. Please click here...

Seeking Educational Programs

Credentialed & Accredited Programs

Programs that lead individuals with the ability to obtain a HS Diploma/ GED, and accredited College degree programs that will lead to self sufficiency and job obtainment. If you would like to be a program that accepts our scholarships please click here...

Referral Partners

Business and Agents

These companies and agents have made tremendous contribution to the community by providing referrals to our non-profit to assist with outreach and helping more people. If you would like to be a listed partner please click here...

Introducing Our Partners & Sponsors