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One on One

One on one counseling sessions can help people significantly reduce stress and other mental health issues. Taking opportunities to discuss feelings and difficulties can improve interpersonal relationships and quality of life.

Group/ Family

Our services are great when one person takes advantage and when there are multiple people going after the same goal supporting one another can be even more beneficial. Conflict resolution, anger management, and substance abuse programs available. We encourage you and your family to take this journey together.

Case Management

Our Future Planning service includes completing an extensive comprehensive needs assessment, future planning, linkage to resources,  advocacy, and regular monitoring. We believe each individual has their own starting point and and we want to join them on their journey to success.

Youth Mentorship

Our goal in the youth mentorship program is to help build work skills, conflict resolution, and moral skills through peer support services. In return it will help them be able to make sound decisions and resolve conflicts without having to result to violence as a solution, especially coming from someone who has been in their shoes. Also they will be able to have the mental compass to live a productive lifestyle as citizens in our community as adults.

LCSW Supervisor

Certified Social Worker's (CSW's) seeking licensure for LCSW who are seeking a supervisor of record. We have space for individual and group supervision.

Wealth Consulting

Financial consulting starts off with developing SMART personal goals. We assist individuals with creating, planning, implementing, and reaching their goals.


☐ To increase youth knowledge about basic trauma
☐ To increase positive self- awareness in youth ☐ To increase personal knowledge of resilience and coping skills
☐ To identify symptoms that trigger negative self-thoughts.
☐ To increase self-confidence and courage
☐ To decrease negative thoughts and behaviours


☐ Small groups between 10-20 youth
☐ 45 – 60 min one day a week for six consecutive weeks (8 weeks, if necessary)
☐ Youth from ages 10-24 in school or community setting
☐ Same gendered youth; male, female, gender neutral
☐ Pre/ Post Surveys
☐ One follow-up session 2- 6 months apart.


☐ Improve in social skills.
☐ Increased sense of self-esteem and confidence.
☐ Decrease in desire to engage in bullying.
☐ Strengthen relationships.
☐ Acquire knowledge of trauma related to self. ☐ Increase methods of healthy coping skill engagement.
☐ Improve positive self-thoughts.
☐ Community support referrals, if necessary.

Cost for Program

☐ The average cost to implement a girls psychotherapeutic group is $60 per youth per session. For example, if there are ten youth in a 6 week group the total cost will be $3,600 or $600 a week.
☐ Throughout the program youth will receive supplies and materials listed below as a starter kit to encourage positive health practices • Journal • Self-care supplies • T-shirt • Healthy Snacks • School supplies • Coping supplies • A crown
☐ Implementation of these groups are provided by black and brown men and women, social workers, peer support and prevention specialist, educators, and ministers.