Childcare Programs

What type of child care services do you offer?

We offer child care services at commercial events and parties to support caregivers opportunities to network and reach their goals. We provide a child care voucher to pay a licensed child care provider to provide child care for the parents/ guardians participating in our Smart Credit Program.

What are the rates of your services?

We have the same rates as the current state approved Child Care Assistance program rates.

6 weeks - 2 y/o - $50.00 (4 hr or less day)

3 y/o - 5 y/o -  $40.00 (4 hr or less day)

6 y/o - 12 y/o -  $25.00 (4 hr or less day)

These rates will be payable to the child care provider chosen by the parent/ guardian enrolled in our program. 

How do the childcare providers receive payment?

Parents/ Guardians using this services must have identified a childcare provider that is willing to accept our payments. Each childcare provider will be required to fill out a contractors agreement form and tax forms to ensure proper payment. Once all forms are completed the provider will receive a payment within 1-2 weeks of providing the service.

If I don't have a childcare provider how do I find one ?

Each parent can call and inquire about childcare facilities from the Division of Regulated Childcare, Child Care Aware, and other agencies, such as 4C's.

How do I qualify to receive child care services?

To qualify for our childcare assistance voucher you must be a member of the Willenium Foundation for at least 3 consecutive months and be actively enrolled and participating in the Smart Credit Program. Once a member graduates from the Smart Credit Program they will no longer receive the childcare assistance voucher. unless they are enrolled in another training and educational program provided by the Willenium Foundation.

Can you help me become a registered childcare provider?

Yes! If you would like to open up your own childcare home or center we can guide you through the process. We can also educate you on regulations and basic to advanced early learning techniques to have a successful business.